We specialise in providing complex care in Suffolk, Essex, Greater London and across the nation. Our highly trained support workers can cater for a range of ages, from children aged 3+ into adulthood.

Living with complex needs can be challenging. We’re here to make your life easier, whether that’s administering medication, carrying out risk assessments, or helping you navigate your network of case workers, solicitors and working with your local authority.

We’re experienced in helping people manage their mental health, deal with substance misuse, live with learning disabilities, and we can support a range of conditions such as spinal injuries, acquired brain injuries and more. If you need nutrition support, we can provide TPN and intravenous feeding, as well as catering for any specialist dietary requirements such as soft foods, allergies, food intolerances, and your preferences.

We also provide sensitive and compassionate end-of-life care, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the person receiving care and their loved ones.

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Complex care includes

  • Support for children aged 3+ through to adults
  • Risk assessments
  • Help taking medication
  • Support navigating paperwork

Support for your mental health

  • Advocacy
  • Help with substance misuse
  • Maintain your routine
  • Someone to confide in

Nutrition support

  • Specialised TPN care
  • Intravenous feeding
  • Insulin injections
  • Blood glucose monitoring