If you or a loved one is looking for companionship care in Suffolk, Essex or Greater London, our friendly support staff will be delighted to drop in for a chat.

Humans are social creatures. Companionship and making meaningful connections are an important part of our overall well being.

We aim to match people with a support worker they’ll get along well with, and we love sharing your hobbies and interests. We hire staff who are compassionate, friendly and dedicated to helping your loved one thrive.

Companionship will always be a big part of care you receive from The Care Advantage, whether it’s chatting as we go about the housework, listening to your worries as we make dinner, or helping you to get ready for a day out.

But if companionship is the only service you or your loved one needs to feel confident and happy at home, that’s fine by us. We can help you maintain your friendships and connections in the community as we expand your social and support network with people who care.

Companionship includes

  • Popping in for a chat
  • Sharing hobbies
  • Accompanying trips
  • Help getting dressed up
  • Someone you can confide in
  • Maintaining community connections

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